1. How do I sign up for distribution?

The distribution process begins when you fill out the online iTunes Distribution form at jwonder21.com Then a contract is prepared for you when your information is processed. note: a Twitter account is required.

2. What is the cost to sign up?

There is no upfront fee. For general distribution charges, you may email: jwonder@qualityservice.com

3. How do I send the tracks after I sign up?

You may respond to the email sending the contract or the tracks and covers may be sent to: jwonder@qualityservice.com

4. If I already have my song online, can it still be distributed?

Music already being sold online will not be distributed.

5. How do I get information for the music sales?

Your sales information is provided in a monthly statement.

6. How do I get the money from the distribution sales?

A payment option should be selected from the payment list when you sign up.

7. What are the requirements to submit music for distribution?

Music files must be the highest bit rate. Audio Specification: 1411kbps (bit rate) 16bit (sample size) stereo WAV files or 320kbps MP3 files for the best quality. Music files should have correct song title and artist name.

8. What are the requirements for artwork?

Pictures submitted should be at the best resolution: Album Cover: 1500×1500 pixels at 300 dpi.

9. Do you distribute mixtapes?

jwonder21.com does not distribute Mixtapes unless the music is owned/ produced by the label.

10. Where can I find my music? I don’t see the song I submitted:

The release lists are promoted intermittently each day. You may email jwonder@qualityservice.com for Social Media information. A Twitter address is required when you sign up. All covers with release dates can be viewed on https://www.facebook.com/JWONDER21ST/

11. How do I submit another distribution request after I send you my contract?

After the contract is sent to us, you may submit your audio files and artwork with the completely filled out “Exhibit A” section located at the back of the contract.

12. Does the contract allow me to do CD sales?

The contract is for digital distribution and does not cover hard copy CD sales.

13. In the case that you create an album cover for me, will I be able to get the design for CD use?

The cover design belongs to the Content Rights Holder when the song is submitted for release.